Strata title unit means a part of the vertical home which has horizontal and vertical functional building structure and divided to be each block, unit and type. The individual or a company who has fulfilled and complied for the Indonesian prevailing laws has a right to own the land certificate of ownership. For the collective area for collective use within a function that is integrated with the apartment unit such as public corridor, stairs, walls, floor, electrical, mechanical and telecommunication infrastructure were out of set to be individual or a company ownership.

Based on the tenant summit meeting on December 13, 2009 and on Indonesian prevailing laws, we had agreed to make an organization called the Tenant Association Board of The Bellagio Residence. After registered to the Governor of Jakarta Province then on April 21, 2009, the Tenant Association Board of the Bellagio residence has got the formal approval.

The Tenant Association Board of the Bellagio is a formal board and based on the state law No: 16, year: 1985, has an authority to make rule and manage for the safety and comfortable living in the strata title unit of the Bellagio residence.

The Tenant Association Board has a right to create the management or point on the other professional and reputable Property Management to manage the operational of the building. The operational of the building was financed by member of the tenant association which is claimed as a Maintenance Fee and Sinking Fund.


The Committee

  1. Vision
    Makes The Bellagio Residence as the famous international living and business place, safety and comfortable in South Jakarta.

  2. Mision
    • Giving the utmost service gain safety, comfortable and harmony for tenants
    • Maintain the occupancy rate up to 100%
    • Maintain tenants loyalty to stay as long as possible at The Bellagio Residence
    • Minimize tenants complaint
    • Managing source of fund, power, facilities with effective and efficient
    • Improving disciplinary , loyalties, dedication and work motivation for all staff in The Bellagio Residence Management

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